• Jan. 5th

    Reduce in Share Capital, which amounted to 100 million yen


  • Jun. 27th

    The Board of Corporate Auditors and the Accounting Auditor have been abolished.


  • Oct. 1st

    [ZSITS] Started the system, to operating road ITS to the River front area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


  • Dec. 27th

    Became a company with a Board of Corporate Auditors. A new company director and auditor were appointed


  • Nov. 1st

    [ZS ITS] Concluded a PPP agreement, to expand ITS to the River front area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

  • Apr. 30th

    Batu Gaiden recognized and awarded at the '5'th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-2015'

  • Mar. 27th

    Zero-Sum, Ltd. selected amongst TOP 300 companies in Small and Medium Enterprises by The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency under METI.

  • Jan. 11th

    [ZS ITS] Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. was founded.


  • Nov. 28th

    Zero-Sum, Ltd. Celebrated its 10 years anniversary landmark at Hotel Granvia, Kyoto

  • Oct. 10th

    [ZS ITS] An inauguration ceremony was held, to introduce road ITS in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

  • Aug. 21st

    [ZS ITS] Increase in third-party allotment of shares during which total capital amounted to 139,512,870 INR.

  • Aug

    [Nihodo] "Ninja Nontu" premiered on Cartoon network , one of India's biggest television channel for Cartoons

  • Jul. 21st

    'Lunacycle' won the m-Billionth South Asia 2014 award for 'Best App in m-Women' category

  • May. 30th

    [ZS ITS] Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. was founded.


  • Dec. 13th

    The Development project for Telematics system was started

  • Nov. 8th

    A private contract with JICA was signed, for a project that promotes the demonstration and adoption of ITS. The project was titled "Pilot Survey for disseminating Small and Medium Enterprises Technologies for Trial Implementation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)".

  • Jul. 18th

    [ZS Wireless] 'coMix on - the - go' won the m-Billionth South Asia 2013 award for 'Best App in m-Entertainment' category

  • Jun. 7th

    [Nihodo] Nihodo Media Pvt. Ltd. was founded.

  • Apr. 13th

    'Batu Gaiden - The Return of Asi' was premiered on India's leading TV station 'Cartoon Network' by Turner Media.

  • Mar. 15th

    Zero-Sum, Ltd. participated in India's first ever "Cool Japan" festival held in Mumbai, India exhibiting Batu Gaiden animation movie.

  • Feb. 22nd

    [ZS Wireless] launched 'coMix on-the-go' application on Windows Phone 8

  • Jan. 30th

    [ZS Wireless] launched 'It's NAV', a navigation application for android, in India

  • Jan. 9th

    [ZS Wireless] launched its 'Comics Unlimited by coMix-on-the-go' digital comic store application for iPad users


  • Oct. 1st

    [ZS Wireless] Office was relocated to Indiranagar, Bengaluru(fka,Bangalore)

  • Oct. 4th

    Participated in "the Japan - India Urban Development Conference" by MILT in Japan and MoUD in India.

  • Apr. 30th

    Participated in a signing ceremony, for the promotion of content and creative industrial cooperation between Japan and India Government

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