Join us in creating history

Managing Director, President菊池 力

Since our inception, we are in constant endeavor to build the next innovation that will create history by redefining the Zero-Sum game . The foundation in achieving this feat, lies in respecting the uniqueness of each of our employees and building an in-house environment with flat hierarchy allowing each employee to freely express their views and opinions. We strongly believe that the growth of Zero-Sum depends on the individual growth of our employees, without which there can be no growth of the organization . In today's world, technology is changing rapidly and so its its disruptive influence on our society. To succeed, our employees need to continuously adapt themselves as per the change in environment, and we at Zero-Sum provide the requisite facilitation in equipping our employees for this change. If you are passionate about building and developing solutions that can change people's lives all over the world, get in touch with us and we can work together on recreating history.